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Another day, another way to write some creative exciting love letters to clients of Christmas past!

My favorite past time is mass deleting SPAM emails daily. There are rarely emails that I want to read, and that I want to enjoy.

The reality is, no one has time to read emails. We are too busy doing other things.

There seems to be a razzle dazzle dizzy routine that we’ve all succumbed to more recently.

Our routines have not been serving our highest good, and some days we are just not feeling it.

I get that. I have my days. Having a good day all day everyday is not realistic, however we can restart our day any time we’d like.

I find that getting creative on email subject lines can be daunting, especially when you are looking to book a sale.

I’ve collected some phenomenal, stand out subject lines to help you be more productive and get that OPEN RATE BOOST you really need this week.


  • Get 3 Fall Products, the 4th is on us!
  • FRIENDLY REMINDER – Event Tonight
  • Welcome to COMPANY NAME
  • New Sales Items! Hurry!
  • New Product Staples are Here
  • PRODUCT NAME: Explained
  • Last Chance…
  • New products in TOWN OR STATE NAME
  • Tell us you’re cool…
  • level up?
  • What’s Gold, Glam, and ON SALE!?!
  • 5 Worry Free PRODUCTS
  • Exclusive Rewards Await You
  • New Subscription Program
  • Get Ready For HOLIDAY!
  • Just in: our trend report
  • Have you met NAME yet?
  • COMPETITORS huge problem
  • Are you permanently remote?
  • Your Questions Answered
  • Are you permanently remote?
  • Inbox Message Alert
  • Colleagues + Customers
  • Top 5 News Articles in Your Industry
  • The New Intel
  • You and I
  • Free Pass
  • One last thing
  • Content Creation
  • 12 Weeks of Holiday, sales + stuff
  • The Weekend Guide
  • What’s your purchasing power?
  • What’s in the stars for you?
  • Last chance, 20% off
  • A zen gift
  • entertaining essentials
  • find your fave
  • What to Make This SEASON
  • Last Day to Get a FREE PRODUCT
  • Why Everyone is EMOTION Now
  • SEASON Gift Guide
  • Winner Announced
  • Happy Anniversary
  • Happy Birthday Gift
  • Oops! Here’s the correct email!
  • free courses
  • 10 steps to success
  • What are you going to ACTION?
  • MONDAY – the life cycle
  • Watch This
  • Ask Me Anything
  • New Creative Solutions
  • Are you in the black hole?
  • Holiday decor is selling fast!
  • Close to Home
  • Open to claim your FREE issues
  • High Quality
  • the coolest PRODUCT in the world
  • the best PRODUCT ideas
  • Solid. Literrally.
  • All ambitious women do this before 9AM
  • Get ready to RALLY!
  • Curb Appeal
  • faves
  • seasonal savings
  • 7 days of LOVE
  • Full Circle
  • Unique Tricks to Stick with It
  • Signs your smarter than average
  • “that was insane!”
  • brief intro call
  • Arriving Soon
  • need help?
  • sync up
  • Role Model
  • it’s flash time
  • order out
  • confirmation
  • real-time insights
  • increasing traffic
  • appt
  • just called
  • A rose for a rose
  • *Cue IF by Janet Jackson
  • Your supernatural ingredient
  • Ready for the big save?
  • Building Relationships
  • the most influential
  • hired!
  • the economics of PRODUCT
  • this is a goldmine!
  • Last chance!
  • What’s your next move?
  • I want to do this so bad…
  • too good to be true
  • bonus: free planner
  • we’re back
  • is this you?
  • Scale to 5M+
  • secret sauce
  • have we met before?
  • long weekend
  • i’ve never shared this
  • simple secret to change
  • reviews
  • did you want this?
  • people work from home
  • my 5 favorites
  • advisor
  • how to go all in
  • opportunity
  • thank you
  • keeping track
  • meeting
  • more related
  • daily digs
  • gaining ultimate clarity
  • PRODUCT daily
  • missing
  • let’s DEW lunch
  • targets
  • reviews
  • research ideas
  • today
  • enter
  • vision
  • our recent correspondence
  • acct activation

What email subject lines do you use to kick off your week?

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