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A – Fullmetal

B – Fighting

C – Robot

D – Detective

E – Beserk

F – Super

G – Magical

H – Lovely

I – Pretty

J – Ultimate

K – Vampire

L – Psychic

M – Neo

N – Henshin (transforming)

O – Phantom

P – Thief

Q – Vampire

R – Sparkling

S – Dark

T – Magical

U – Chibi (small)

V – Doki-doki (throbbing)

W – Lucky

X – Samurai

Y – Power

Z – Ultimate


A – Prince

B – Mermaid

C – Witch

D – Student

E – Magician

F – Sadist

G – Vampire

H – Monster

I – Masochist

J – Devil

K – Cat

L – Ninja

M – Bride

N – Rose

O – Fighter

P – Teacher

Q – Alchemist

R – Exorcist

S – Little Sister

T – Maid

U – Idol

V – Pretty Boy

W – Alien

X – Ghost Face

Y – Yoodle Doodle

Z – Ting Ting

My name is Magical Yoodle Doodle, what’s yours?

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2 thoughts on “What’s Your Anime Name? | Leverage Ambition

  1. Dee Min – Poet. Author (“Moments: A Poetic Autobiography”). Blogger. Unapologetically a lover of God, a lover of love and all things nature. Hardcore logophile with an epigrammatic style. Creative soul. Artsy to the core.
    Dee Min says:

    This is cute. I’m DetectiveBride. Good to e-meet you
    Magical Yoodle Doodle