Gearing Up for Elementary School

This is for you parents.

It’s that time we’ve all dreaded, all summer long.

Back to school via home, aka homeschool.

I’ve had in and out of consciousness panic attacks since August 1st.

Pony up, parents!

This is what we’ve done to prepare.

We logged into our schools parent portal, and found out who our teacher is!

We ordered new school supplies, like markers, pencils, sharpeners, and notebooks preemptively.

We took the pre school vacation. It was short term and at the nearest body of water, but we did it.

We prepared and did laundry before school starts next week.

We ordered new groceries from and

We found the Amazon algorithm is pushing higher priced products.

We bought less expensive items from instead.

We planted indoor mint and lavender that will be ready to plant outdoors at the end of August.

We made Mom take care of herself, and splurge on a new bag. Because we can have nice things that are hidden away in our closets.

We vetted all of the stuff we no longer use, and donated them accordingly.

We vacuumed.

Now, we wait.

(Queue pending doom music)

Enjoy the last weekend before school starts families!

Bless up!

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